Live Leaderboard For Your Event

Giving your Golf Outing a Leaderboard by Creating Full Visibility Into All Scorecards. A Golf Outing with No Leaderboard is No Fun.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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What Is The Outings Mobile App?

The Outings mobile app for apple and android is the mobile leaderboard for your golf outing of any size. Whether it’s a fundraising event, a few friends out on a Saturday, or even a tournament or league, we provide the most reliable leaderboard for your event.

Have you ever played with a group larger than 4 and wondered how you or your team’s score compared to the groups in front of or behind you? The Outings app provides all players with full visibility into every scorecard, fueling fun and serious competition! We work with golf clubs all over the country to provide the most accurate and up-to-date scorecard for your outing.

Special Features

What Makes This App Different?

Built for creative people. Made for high performance.

Tournament style leaderboard

To keep all players and teams “in the know” of who is at the top, who is making a Tiger-like run, and who is clearly just there to have some fun and maybe enjoy some beverages!

How The App Works

Install the App

Outings Golf App is available on the Android and Apple store. Downloading is easy. Simply search for the “Outings+” and start downloading.

Setup your profile

Setting up your profile is easy, we made sure of that. To get started, fill out a few questions, create your username, and you are good to go.

Enjoy the features!

Outings Golf App provides you with a number of great features. Chose from over a dozen types of games, send a short code for fast access for the participants, and see scores as they are logged in real time!

Live Leaderboard

Tips for Using the Outings Leaderboard

Flexible Scoring - App + Scorecard

Some outings allow paper scorecards in conjunction with the Outings app. Obviously the app removes the need for a paper scorecard altogether but if it will make your attendees feel more comfortable, allow them to still use a paper scorecard. As long as one person from each team is entering their scores into the app, your event will still have a live leaderboard and you will still achieve the same increased registration, fun, engagement and competitiveness!

Event Day Registration

Definitely post your event's Outings passcode at your registration table so people can easily join in before play starts if they have not already done so.

Scoring Reminders For Participants

All players/teams will receive a reminder if 20 minutes have passed since they entered a score so you shouldn't worry about missing scores or any gaps in data!

Closing Out The Event

As the Outing creator, you are the only one who can end or close the live leaderboard by clicking "finish." If you click "finish" by mistake just go back into "Completed Scorecards & Outings in Play" and you can pick up where you left off!

Remember to market that your event is using the Outings live leaderboard and you will see increased registration!

User Interface

Simple & Easy To Use Interface

Outings golf app was designed with the user in mind. We tried to keep our app simple so you don’t get overwhelmed with needless buttons or features. Golf outings app makes scoring a lot easier.

Customer's Reviews

What The Users Are Saying

We want to thank all of our players and partners for helping us get started. We welcome any and all feedback to help increase the functionality of our app for our players and tournament organizers.

Very good app
Used this for a bachelor party, we all had fun heckling all the teams when they would make a bogey or something. It was very cool to see where everyone was score wise while we were playing. Very good app.
Kyle Tuley

Berea, OH

A lot of games!
There were a lot of games in the app to choose from which was cool. Even a couple I didn’t know. My friends and I had fun playing around with this. Will definitely tell more people about it
Mike Bernard

Columbia Station, OH

Really easy to use app
The app was really easy to use. It was fast and didn’t kill my battery which I really liked.
Kevin Gabriel

Brunswick, OH

Great leaderboard app
We added this leaderboard to our golf outing and everybody was having fun knowing how far ahead or back each team was while still doing the traditional golf outing festivities. No brainer for $24.
CCD Golf

Detroit, MI

Easiest golf app to use
Easiest golf app to use. Simple as that.
Dan Vavruska

Grafton, OH

Great and useful app
I run 8 outings every year and now use this on every one. It helps increase registration as well.
Tom Rogers

Lakewood, OH

A few words from our partners

Scramble Hunter

"We love the Outings Golf App. It's very easy to use and the app is very fast. We love the quick code feature which makes it easy to invite players to our events. A must have for golfers looking for something fun."

*Scramble Hunter Is The Most Convenient Resource to Find or Promote Golf Scrambles Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how the Golf Outings app works? Check out our FAQ’s and see if you can find an answer to your question. And if you still have questions, make sure and send us a message.

Does the Outings app have the scorecard for my course?

We have the scorecard for over 99% of the courses and clubs in the U.S.

How long does it take to set up a leaderboard for my golf outing?

60 seconds

Does every player on a team have to use the app?

No, just one person on the team must use the Outings app and enter the team’s score.

At a golf outing/tournament, is the app typically used in place of paper scorecards?

The app is designed to work free of paper scorecards as you can view your scorecard and live leaderboard in the app. That said, some tournaments/outings choose to have a team keep a paper scorecard but also input their scores into the app so that all teams can view the live leaderboard.

Can you add handicaps in for each player or team before starting a round/outing?

Not at this time but stay tuned, it’s on our agenda.

What styles of play does the Outings app work for?

Stroke Play, Match Play, Foursome, Four Ball, Stableford, Bogey and Par Competitions, Scramble, Texas Scramble, Greensome, Patsome, Chapman, String

If I accidentally left an outing and closed it out, how do I get back in.

If the “Outing in Play” ribbon is at the top of your phone screen, click on it. If not, go to the Main Menu, click on “Completed Scorecards & Outings in Play” and click on your outing.

Does the Outings app help increase registration for charitable golf outings and help with fundraising?

Yes, adding a live leaderboard to your golf event should be marketed and will increase registration.

What is the best way to get golfers/teams into the outing once I have created it in the app?

We definitely recommend sending out a message to your players/teams ahead of time to download the outings app. You can send all players the link to join your outing after you have created it. Additionally, ALWAYS post the password to join your outing at the sign-in table the day of your event.

Haven’t found suitable answer? Tell us what you need.

Download & Get Started Today!

Outings Golf App makes it easy to create and promote your event. Add a layer of excitement by using a Live Leaderboard to show scoring in real time! Outings Golf App is available at the Android and Apple marketplace. Get started today and use our quick code or custom URL to to invite your friends or event registrants to use your leaderboard!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices