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Outings Golf App makes it easy to create and promote your event. Add a layer of excitement by using a Live Leaderboard to show scoring in real time! Outings Golf App is available at the Android and Apple marketplace. Get started today and use our quick code or custom URL to to invite your friends or event registrants to use your leaderboard!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Customer's Reviews

What The Users Are Saying

We want to thank all of our players and partners for helping us get started. We welcome any and all feedback to help increase the functionality of our app for our players and tournament organizers.

Very good app
Used this for a bachelor party, we all had fun heckling all the teams when they would make a bogey or something. It was very cool to see where everyone was score wise while we were playing. Very good app.
Kyle Tuley

Berea, OH

A lot of games!
There were a lot of games in the app to choose from which was cool. Even a couple I didn’t know. My friends and I had fun playing around with this. Will definitely tell more people about it
Mike Bernard

Columbia Station, OH

Really easy to use app
The app was really easy to use. It was fast and didn’t kill my battery which I really liked.
Kevin Gabriel

Brunswick, OH

Great leaderboard app
We added this leaderboard to our golf outing and everybody was having fun knowing how far ahead or back each team was while still doing the traditional golf outing festivities. No brainer for $24.
CCD Golf

Detroit, MI

Easiest golf app to use
Easiest golf app to use. Simple as that.
Dan Vavruska

Grafton, OH

Great and useful app
I run 8 outings every year and now use this on every one. It helps increase registration as well.
Tom Rogers

Lakewood, OH

Explore All Features

We have provided you with lots of features to make your golf event a blast. Check out all of the features that the Outings Golf App provides it’s users. 


Tournament style leaderboard

We may never play August or compete in a pro-event. Our Live Leaderboard let's everyone get in on the action. See where you stack up in real time!

Pick your course

The Outings Golf App has a library of thousands of golf courses across the United States. Find your course and set up a game for you and your friends.

Pick your game

There are a lot of great ways to enjoy the game of golf. If you want to do more than play against the course, why not try some of the amazing playing styles in our library. Choose from over a dozen exciting and new ways to play.

Share your event

Outings makes it easy for you to invite your friends or the players registered for your event. You can use one of our short codes, or send them a custom URL in their email. Both are easy, and quick.

Record videos

Record the best moments during your event with our video recording functions. Capture those awesome memories and share them with your friends!

Keep your stats

Analytics are an important part of golf. The pro's use them to find weaknesses in their game. You too can keep track of your progress so you can work on specific parts of your game for your next event.