Share Your Event

The Outings Golf App makes it easy for you to share your event with your players. There are a couple of ways we make it easy on you. 

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

How To Share Your Event

See below for instructions on how to seamlessly share your event with your participants. Use our short code or send a custom URL.


On the home screen of your app, select the first option, to enter a password to join your event. This will take them directly to your tournament page where they can register their team.

Send this password to your players and tell them to download the Outings Golf App. Once there, the first option that appears on the screen will ask for your tournament password. Simply enter in the password and you are good to go!

The second way to promote your event to the players is to send them the custom URL that is provided once you enter your event. Copy and past that URL and send it to the emails of all the previous participants or to new ones that haven’t yet played. Make sure they have the Outings Golf App on their phone, click the link in the email, and it will open the event page for them to register. It’s that easy!

Share Your Event

Outings makes it easy for you to invite your friends or the players registered for your event. You can use one of our short codes, or send them a custom URL in their email. Both are easy, and quick.

Explore All Features

We have provided you with lots of features to make your golf event a blast. Check out all of the features that the Outings Golf App provides it’s users. 


Tournament style leaderboard

We may never play August or compete in a pro-event. Our Live Leaderboard let's everyone get in on the action. See where you stack up in real time!

Pick your course

The Outings Golf App has a library of thousands of golf courses across the United States. Find your course and set up a game for you and your friends.

Pick your game

There are a lot of great ways to enjoy the game of golf. If you want to do more than play against the course, why not try some of the amazing playing styles in our library. Choose from over a dozen exciting and new ways to play.

Share your event

Outings makes it easy for you to invite your friends or the players registered for your event. You can use one of our short codes, or send them a custom URL in their email. Both are easy, and quick.

Record videos

Record the best moments during your event with our video recording functions. Capture those awesome memories and share them with your friends!

Keep your stats

Analytics are an important part of golf. The pro's use them to find weaknesses in their game. You too can keep track of your progress so you can work on specific parts of your game for your next event.

Have Questions? Look Here

We are sure you will have some questions. If your inquiry cannot be answered by our FAQ’s posted below, then email us a [email protected].


We have the scorecard for over 99% of the courses and clubs in the U.S.

No, just one person on the team must use the Outings app and enter the team’s score.

The app is designed to work free of paper scorecards as you can view your scorecard and live leaderboard in the app. That said, some tournaments/outings choose to have a team keep a paper scorecard but also input their scores into the app so that all teams can view the live leaderboard.

Not at this time but stay tuned, it’s on our agenda.

Stroke Play, Match Play, Foursome, Four Ball, Stableford, Bogey and Par Competitions, Scramble, Texas Scramble, Greensome, Patsome, Chapman, String

If the “Outing in Play” ribbon is at the top of your phone screen, click on it. If not, go to the Main Menu, click on “Completed Scorecards & Outings in Play” and click on your outing.

Yes, adding a live leaderboard to your golf event should be marketed and will increase registration.

We definitely recommend sending out a message to your players/teams ahead of time to download the outings app. You can send all players the link to join your outing after you have created it. Additionally, ALWAYS post the password to join your outing at the sign-in table the day of your event.

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Download & Get Started Today!

Outings Golf App makes it easy to create and promote your event. Add a layer of excitement by using a Live Leaderboard to show scoring in real time! Outings Golf App is available at the Android and Apple marketplace. Get started today and use our quick code or custom URL to to invite your friends or event registrants to use your leaderboard!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices