Live Leaderboard

Tips for Using the Outings Leaderboard

Flexible Scoring - App + Scorecard

Some outings allow paper scorecards in conjunction with the Outings app. Obviously the app removes the need for a paper scorecard altogether but if it will make your attendees feel more comfortable, allow them to still use a paper scorecard. As long as one person from each team is entering their scores into the app, your event will still have a live leaderboard and you will still achieve the same increased registration, fun, engagement and competitiveness!

Event Day Registration

Definitely post your event's Outings passcode at your registration table so people can easily join in before play starts if they have not already done so.

Scoring Reminders For Participants

All players/teams will receive a reminder if 20 minutes have passed since they entered a score so you shouldn't worry about missing scores or any gaps in data!

Closing Out The Event

As the Outing creator, you are the only one who can end or close the live leaderboard by clicking "finish." If you click "finish" by mistake just go back into "Completed Scorecards & Outings in Play" and you can pick up where you left off!

Remember to market that your event is using the Outings live leaderboard and you will see increased registration!